While UK Games Industry Welcomes Tax Breaks… MX welcomes multiple multi-media entrepreneurs?!?!

The UK games industry has welcomed  the introduction of a games industry tax relief programme in today’s UK Government’s Budget.

CEO, Dr Richard Wilson, said: “This is an inspired decision. In backing Tiga’s Games Tax Relief the Government has chosen the future over the past, growth over decline, success over failure. Games Tax Relief will increase employment, investment and innovation in the UK video games sector.”

He continued: “Our research shows that Games Tax Relief over a five year period should create or protect 3,550 graduate level jobs, increase or safeguard £457 million in development expenditure and encourage developers to adopt new business models and create new Intellectual Property. Games Tax Relief will ensure that the UK remains a world leading developer of video games. Games Tax Relief is good for the UK video games industry, good for UK consumers and good for the UK economy.”

“Ministers have made the right decision at the right time for the right industry…  TIGA now looks to the Opposition parties to give their full support to Games Tax Relief in the Finance Bill.”

Rebellion’s CEO and Tiga chairman, Jason Kingsley has agreed, branding the move as “the right decision for the future” saying it will allow UK developers “a more even playing field”.

“Games Tax Relief is also a decisive achievement by TIGA,” Kingsley added. “There are around 1,000 trade associations in the UK working to influence Government policy. In 2009, only one sector was invited by the Government to submit a case to change UK tax policy – the games industry.”

Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, also welcomed the news saying he was “absolutely delighted” and praised Tiga for making “a significant difference to the UK games industry”.

Ubisoft Reflections boss and Tiga vice-chairman, Gareth Edmondson, referred to the announcement as a “triumph”, saying: “It will enable the UK games industry to remain a success story.”

Meanwhile, Dundee-based Realtime Worlds also chimed in, with studio manager Colin Macdonald stating:  “The UK video games industry is one of the most creative and innovative in the world. This decision will mean we can continue to invest in UK talent and prevent brain drain to our overseas competitors. This is a great day for Scottish and UK-wide developers. It is also a major achievement by TIGA.”

Colin Anderson, managing director at Denki, also joined in to congratulate Tiga for the “decisive role” it played in getting the games industry into today’s Budget.

Blitz CEO, Philip Oliver, said:  “TIGA has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of our industry among Government and Parliamentarians. Today’s decision is proof that this hard work has paid off… we are sure that this measure will grow the industry, create more jobs and lead to higher tax revenues for Government in the future.”

Finally, Paul Mayze, COO of Monumental, greeted the “right decision” from the Government.

“ Today’s decision by the Government to back the introduction of Tiga’s Games Tax Relief will go a long way to helping ensure that we can remain competitive in the global market,” he said.

Right now I simply cant talk a lot about what’s happening here.. but there is something really interesting around the globe…

Changes are happening.. and new media (social media, multi-media, interactive media).. is taking over somehow attention because of its expansive and impressive growth.

yeah yeah… all the rest of the industries have problems and this one too.. but the fact of having it be seen as really profitable and strategic by some actors (countries!!!) and now stakeholders of the upcoming trends in videogame and multimedia industry is just breath-taking.

Lets just hope it doesn’t get politicized to have the opportunity just in favor of a single company but many entrepreneurs wanting to foster this industry.

In any case… having millions of dollars or pesos invested in facilities or spaces devoted to this industry sounds wonderful… In any case… having millions of pounds saved in taxes because of having real companies making real profits with a market oriented biz model sounds wonderful.

One helps out an embryonic industry the latter a more robust one??!?!?!? or having the strategy backwards … or complemented.. could foster both?!?!?

That is the real question…

and the answer is……………………………………………..?!?!?!?


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