Facebook Is the Web’s Ultimate Timesink… might this be Real?

And so.. I’ve read that 74% of the stats are fake…

What to believe now?


I would say just by perception. Its freakin’ true!

We are seeing and explosion of social games, communication at another level without a doubt and a definite “addiction”?

Who knows. But the fact of having a central place to communicate the important things of life seems to be taking form. I can say, at leas from my part, that my FB has transformed itself into a self-feeding beast that devours all the content that I generate and that seems to be taking form and life from, not just me, but all of my friends and people I eventually get to know.

“do you have facebook?” seems to be now the first question even before the god damn phone number! Hey… at the end.. it seems to be a much better way to get to know someone because we can get to know his context and what other people even thinks about them! Gosh… guess that beats a 40min conversation with someone trying to “look good” uh?

In the end.. I’m glad its becoming also a funnel where simply the ones that are really, genuinely interested in you seem to surface at the end.. at least with a continuous poke.

Keep the conversation going… innovating and discovering.


Posted via web from The Balancing Act of Innopreneurship and Discovery



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